RAPE MESS: 15-Year OldTeenager Arrested

On Tuesday, Bunu was arranged before an Ikeja
magistrates’ court, Ogba where Fatunya was earlier
However, after the charges were read Bunu,
pleaded not guilty.
According to the police prosecutor, Rachael Williams
the offence contravened sections 409 and 137 of
the criminal Administration of Justice, Laws of
Lagos state of Nigeria, 2011.
The presiding chief magistrate, Tajudeen A. Elias
has adjourned the case till 12 August 2015 for
mention while Bunu was ordered to be remanded at
Juvenile home, Adigbe, Abeokuta, Ogun state.
It can be recalled that recently a Nigerian, Olaoluwa
Ibrahim, was sentenced to eight and a half years in
prison for raping a woman in the UK.


Attention Android users, your phones can be
hacked by a single text.
Cybersecurity company Zimperium discovered a
hack in Android phones where the device can be
compromised just by receiving a simple text
message. The hack, known as Stagefright, stems
from the way Android phones process incoming
messages, where devices automatically process the
media attached to a text message like photos or
videos, according to CNN. That means a file
corrupted with malware can infect and compromise
your entire Android device before you even open a
The smartphone hack is estimated to be the largest
in history, affecting 950 million Android users, or
about 95 percent of Android phones in use today.
According to CNN, Zimperium had notified Google
about the bug on April 9. But after 109 days, the
bug still hasn’t been fixed, prompting the cyber
security company to go public with the news. While
Apple was able to fix a similar bug by issuing an
update to iPhone users, Google has many more
impediments in its way: phone carriers and
cellphone manufacturers would need to work
together in order to deliver software updates.
“This vulnerability was identified in a laboratory
setting on older Android devices, and as far as we
know, no one has been affected. As soon as we
were made aware of the vulnerability we took
immediate action and sent a fix to our partners to
protect users,” a Google spokesperson told ABC via

This Android Tablet Is A Total Surface Ripoff

Another day, another Android tablet. This one’s
got an 11-inch screen, magnetically-attaching
keyboard, kickstand coming out the back…wait,
that seems familiar.
The Remix Ultra tablet is the brainchild of three
ex-Googlers, and at first impression, seems to
follow the timeless tech-product-ripoff formula
to perfection. The hardware is a cheaper
version of the Surface’s popular form-factor: 11-
inch tablet with a kickstand and magnetically-
attaching keyboard. And, just like those
knockoff iFones your auntie accidentally bought
for all her nieces, the Remix is running a
version of Android that looks an awful lot like
Windows, complete with a navigation bar
running along the bottom.
In all fairness to Jive, the company behind the
device, it doesn’t look like a terrible tablet: it’s
running Android 4.4 on a Nvidia Tegra
processor, which should promise decent
performance. Despite the custom ROM, Android
Central reports that it’ll ship with access to the
complete Google Play store. And, if the knockoff
hardware is as comfortable and flexible as the
real Surface, it could be a good all-round
machine for the $349 base price. Just make sure
you put some of those savings towards a

Threat to Zuckerberg: ‘Pakistaniextremist fought to have mesentenced to death’

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the biggest
social network Facebook, opened up about
threats he received from an extremist in
Pakistan who had threatened to have him
sentenced to death after the social network
refused to ban blasphemous content.
“A few years ago, an extremist in Pakistan
fought to have me sentenced to death because
Facebook refused to ban content about Prophet
Muhammad (PBUH) that offended him,” he said
in a post on Facebook.
The Facebook CEO revealed the threats just two
days after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris,
which left 12 people dead – including prominent
“As I reflect on yesterday’s attack and my own
experience with extremism, this is what we all
need to reject,” Zuckerberg wrote. “A group of
extremists is trying to silence the voices and
opinions of everyone else around the world. I
won’t let that happen on Facebook.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. PHOTO: EPA

Facebook users in Latin America will have a chance
to pepper Mark Zuckerberg with questions next
week when he heads to Bogota, Colombia, for
Facebook’s first international townhall Q&A.
The social network has held two Q&A sessions so
far, both in the U.S., but this third one could see
some grittier topics raised, judging from questions
submitted so far online.
“Latin American countries have many problems like
socioeconomic inequality, lack of education and
violations against free expression. How could
Facebook be used as a tool to try to fix [these]
problems, working along with the governments of
each country?” asked one Colombian teenager.
It was one of more than a thousand comments
submitted Friday in the lead-up to the event, which
will take place Wednesday and be broadcast online.
The teenager also wanted to know if Facebook
could organize a public awareness campaign to
dispel stereotypes around drug trafficking in
Others have concerns about access to the Internet.
“How will Facebook help Latin American people to
be more connected to the Internet considering the
difficulties of our region?” one person asked.
Zuckerberg will take questions from a live audience
as well as questions submitted online. Anyone can
submit questions, though the event is geared
toward people in Colombia and Latin America.
Questions in both Spanish and English have been
submitted in advance.
A person from Ecuador wanted to know how
Facebook can help with technology education.
“A while back you mentioned how important it is for
people to learn basic programming and coding. …
Would you consider opening up a series of
educational centers across the country … to focus
specifically on those subjects and make it
affordable for people?”
Some questions touch on issues Facebook is trying
to address through its Internet.org project, which
seeks to bring affordable Internet to parts of the
world where it’s absent today. The Q&A might
reveal new information about Facebook’s
Internet.org plans in the region.
Other users have questions about Facebook’s
language translation tools, while some want to
know if it will back startups in Colombia.
The two previous town halls tended to address
lighter topics, including why Facebook required
users to install Messenger, the growth of video and
Zuckerberg’s wardrobe, though questions about
education and entrepreneurship surfaced too.
For the upcoming Q&A, people still have plenty of
questions about Facebook features—especially
requests for new ones.
“Can you install an ‘I’ve read this’ button so we
won’t continue to see post[s] we have already read
several times?” asked a user from St. Petersburg,
Florida, whose question garnered more than 80
Some are bored with the look of Facebook and want
more options to customize their profiles.
“Why [is] Facebook blue and not orange?” wrote a
person from Chile.
“Can you add an option to change the Facebook
theme?” said another.
Several others wanted a way to publish audio posts
instead of just text and video.
One of the questions for Zuckerberg was deeply
personal and philosophical.
“You are rich enough to not be motivated anymore
by money,” a user wrote. “You and your company
are well known enough not to be motivated by
recognition, and Facebook’s powerful ability to act
as a catalyst continues to grow. So I would like to
know, what motivates you now?”

Lamborghini phonewill cost you $6,000

The 88 Tauri has
been announced by
luxury brand Tonino
Lamborghini at CES
for those that have
expensive taste.
This is the
company’s second
Android device, and like the first it commands a
premium pricetag. Expect to shell out $6,000 for
this piece of kit.
In terms of specs, the 88 Tauri is no slouch. You’ll
find a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor and 3 GB of
RAM with 64 GB of local storage wrapped up in a
stainless steel frame. The front offers a 5-inch
1080p display and 8 megapixel front-facing
camera, while the rear has a 20 megapixel camera
and a fancy leather coat. You’ll even get some
special edition premium headphones to go with it.
It’s worth noting that the folks behind the 88 Tauri
are purely a luxury brand whose founder happens
to be the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, of
automotive fame. Regardless, on the phone you’ll
find the familiar raging bull crest and posh style
that characterize both companies.

Honda fined $70m by US forfailure to report deaths

Japanese carmaker Honda has been fined a record
$70m (£46.4m) by US regulators for failing to
report deaths and injuries to authorities.

It is the largest civil penalty to date levied against a
carmaker by the US government.
In November, Honda admitted that it did not report
1,729 cases involving deaths or injuries between
July 2003 and June 2014.
The company said it would change its internal
Honda was fined two separate penalties of $35m
each, one for failing to report deaths and injuries
and another for failing to respond to customer
warranty claims. Each of them is the maximum
allowed by US law.
“Honda and all of the automakers have a safety
responsibility they must live up to – no excuses,”
said US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in a
statement accompanying the fine announcement.

Apple says it’s created1 million jobs, AppStore is goinggangbusters

Apple announced Thursday that more than 1
million jobs have been directly or indirectly
created by the company in the United States
alone and that its 6-year-old App Store
experienced its biggest day ever New Year’s
The jobs include Apple’s own employees as well
as app developers, suppliers and manufacturers
across the country. More than 9,000 jobs were
added to Apple’s payroll in 2014, which the
Cupertino-based tech giant said represents a
sixfold increase over the past decade. As of the
close of 2014, Apple employed 72,800 permanent
full-time employees and had 437 retail stores in
15 countries.
The App Store’s milestone comes on the heels of
a record-breaking year, as apps created more
than $10 billion in revenue for developers. The
company said much of that success was helped
by the introduction of iOS8, an operating system
that helps app developers add new and
innovative features. To date, the store’s
developers have earned a cumulative $25 billion
from the sale of apps and games.
“This year is off to a tremendous start after a
record-breaking year for the App Store and our
developer community,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s
senior vice president of Internet software and
services. “We’re so proud of the creativity and
innovation developers bring to the apps they
create for iOS users and that the developer
community has now earned over $25 billion.”
Apple said more than 41,000 jobs related to the
company’s new headquarters will be created in
Santa Clara County by the time the spaceship-
shaped building is completed, reportedly
sometime in late 2016.
The tech giant announced that 1,027,000 jobs
were “created or supported by Apple” in the
U.S. and that 627,000 positions can be attributed
to the iOS ecosystem. Apple also announced that
334,000 jobs have been created at other
companies due to Apple’s dramatic growth.
One of the beneficiaries of the App Store’s
success is Caroline Hu Flexer, whose San Mateo-
based educational-game company, Duck Duck
Moose, has grown from three people to a staff
of 20 who have now 21 different apps under
their belts.
“Our whole business is based on the App Store
and the growth we’ve seen because of that has
been amazing,” Flexer said. “It’s a whole new
economy and there’s no way a small company
like ours could have had such success with their
apps competing against the big media
companies without the App Store’s
The first week of January set a record for
billings from the App Store, with customers
around the world spending nearly half a billion
dollars on apps and in-app purchases, and New
Year’s Day marked the single biggest day ever in
App Store sales history.
During the holiday season, App Store customers
helped make history with their support of Apps
for (RED), a special initiative on the store with
exclusive content where all proceeds went to
the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Apple said it
donated a record-breaking $20 million this
quarter, and since teaming up with (RED) has
donated more than $100 million.
As of November, Apple was both the largest
publicly traded corporation in the world by
market capitalization as well as the first U.S.
company to be valued at over $700 billion.

While it’s not strictly impossible that life in the
universe exists in an as-yet-unknown form (say,
silicon-based), we don’t really know how to look
for it. We do, however, know how to look for the
conditions that have given birth to the life forms we
know — that is, the conditions on our home planet,
This is the Kepler mission: to locate planets
enough like Earth to be considered habitable. There
are several key factors to this. First, the planets
must be in the “Goldilocks” zone — that is, not too
hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. This refers to
the planet’s orbit position around its star: a
distance where it’s not so close that it’s too hot for
liquid water, but not so far that it’s so cold all water
In addition, the planet needs to be rocky — like