Google, Oracle battle in court over Android

A month-long trial in a copyright battle between Oracle Corp. and Google Inc. began in federal court in San Francisco Tuesday.

Redwood City-based Oracle claims Google infringed on copyrighted Java programming language in developing its Android operating system for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

If Oracle wins the claim, it may seek up to $8.8 billion in damages from the $42 billion in profits it says Mountain View-based Google has earned from Android, according to documents Oracle filed in the case.

Google’s defense is that its use of the programming, known as application programming interfaces or APIs, was “fair use,” a legal doctrine under which a limited amount of copyrighted material can be used if it is transformed in some way or has a different purpose.

The APIs were developed in the 1990s by Sun Microsystems Inc., which was acquired by Oracle in 2010.

Testimony began today following jury selection Monday in the court of U.S. District Judge William Alsup.

Although Google is the defendant in the case, it has been allowed by Alsup to present its side first because it has the burden of proving its assertion of fair use.

The company’s first witness today was former Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt, who is now the executive chairman of Google’s recently formed parent corporation, Alphabet Inc.

Schmidt told the jury that when Google was developing Android nine years ago, he didn’t believe the company needed a license from Sun for the APIs:

“We believed our approach was appropriate and permitted.”

Under questioning from Google attorney Robert Van Nest, Schmidt said that in 2007, Sun’s chief executive officer Jonathan Schwartz knew Google was building Android with Java, never expressed disapproval and never said Google needed a license from Sun.

In cross-examination by Oracle attorney Peter Bicks, Schmidt acknowledged that he had said in 2007 that Google was under pressure to compete with the Apple Inc.’s newly released iPhone.

He also acknowledged that in a 2008 interview, he said:

“From a Google perspective, intellectual property rights are fundamental to how we operate.”

Schmidt’s testimony will be completed when the trial resumes in Alsup’s Federal Building courtroom Wednesday. Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison is expected to testify later in the trial.

West Ham sink Manchester United in thrilling Upton Park send-off

4004Louis van Gaal’s knack for escapism has been a pronounced feature of the season but on a wild night in east London, when West Ham United yelled farewell to their home of 112 years, the Manchester United manager could not summon the trick when he needed it so sorely.

The equation had been simple enough. Win here and, with Manchester City stumbling, an unlikely shot at the redemption of a fourth-placed finish would be his. It has felt for a long time that Van Gaal needs qualification for the Champions League to keep himself alive at Old Trafford.
Manchester United coach ‘smashed up’ on way to Upton Park
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Van Gaal has used up a clutch of lifelines during what has been a trying season and, for a period in the second half, he could finally enjoy control of his destiny. West Ham should have been out of sight at half-time, such was their dominance of the first period but they were not and, when Anthony Martial conjured a pair of finishes on the counterattack, the result that Van Gaal craved was on.

But this was West Ham’s party and nobody was going to spoil it. The practical consideration for them was a victory to fire their Europa League qualification hopes. But this evening was about much more than that. Their supporters shouted themselves hoarse and there was delirium when they got the late goals that their overall performance deserved.

United’s vulnerability in the air was exposed when first Michail Antonio headed past David de Gea from Dimitri Payet’s ball in and then Winston Reid powered home from another Payet assist. For the visitors, there was dismay. West Ham partied long into the night.

United had arrived late, as they did at Tottenham Hotspur last month, and it had not been a pretty entrance. As their team bus was snarled up on Green Street, it was pelted with bottles and other missiles. On the upside, the reinforced windows did their job but, more serious, were the chaotic scenes around them. Briefly, there was panic. Parents lifted their children on to their shoulders. Eye witnesses talked of a crush.

The decision had been taken to open the turnstiles later than usual and, with many more people than normal just showing up outside, it did not take a genius to work out that there might be congestion. The Football Association is to investigate.

It was one feature of an evening that was charged with emotion, and footballing significance – not least for Van Gaal, who has seemingly been on the brink since December. That he was still standing at the kick-off felt remarkable but, all of a sudden, a golden opportunity had opened up for him.

His team had to seize the occasion but it was West Ham who flew out of the blocks. The hot atmosphere drove them. United were all over the place in the early running and West Ham might have been further in front by the midway point of the first half.

There was the moment on 20 minutes when Daley Blind, mindful of Sakho to his left, stayed deep as his fellow defenders pushed out. West Ham played through the centre with ease and there was Andy Carroll, one-on-one against De Gea. The goalkeeper saved.

Antonio bundled the ball into the net at the end of West Ham’s next move and launched into his gyrating celebratory dance before he noticed that the flag had gone up. The deflected cross from the right had curled out and then back in. With Carroll’s aerial presence causing problems and the smaller creative players – particularly Manuel Lanzini – buzzing around him, West Ham called the tune. It was one-way traffic.

The breakthrough had come when Aaron Cresswell slipped a pass up to Manuel Lanzini, who was in yards of space in the inside left channel, and Sakho dropped smartly off Blind for the cut-back. Sakho shot first time and his effort flicked off Blind to spin beyond De Gea and into the corner.

United’s travelling supporters watched through their fingers. Wayne Rooney tried to stabilise his team from a central midfield role, seeking to chisel out any kind of foothold with some possession, but it was West Ham who brought the blood and thunder.

Slaven Bilic howled when Payet jinked inside, after Mark Noble had robbed Marcos Rojo to feed him, only to balloon his shot high. Rooney was barracked for getting into Mike Dean’s ear at half-time but his team-mates looked as though they could not get off the field quickly enough.
West Ham v Manchester United: last game at Upton Park – as it happened!
West Ham come from behind to win a thriller in the last game at Upton Park that also involved Man Utd’s coach being damaged by missiles beforehand
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It felt like a reprieve for Van Gaal that he was confronted only by a 1-0 deficit at the interval. He and his players sought to make the most of it. The equaliser came from United’s first chance of any note and it followed a bit of tomfoolery from the West Ham fans behind De Gea’s goal. They refused to give the ball back to him but they did when another one had been supplied for him.

De Gea promptly drove United up the field with a long clearance and it was surprising to see how West Ham allowed Marcus Rashford the space to wait for the overlapping Juan Mata, before releasing him. This counter from the visitors packed a punch. Mata crossed from the right and Martial tapped home. Game on. De Gea turned to pump his fists and his hips proactively at the fans behind him. A bottle was thrown in his direction.

Still, West Ham created chances. Payet curled wide, Sakho sent a stooping header over the crossbar and Carroll saw a header cleared off the line by Martial. It was breathless stuff. But while Van Gaal’s team needed only one goal, the danger bubbled.

They got it when Rooney, showing a burst that many feared was beyond him, drove the visitors forward, feeding Rashford, who moved it on to Martial. He burned around Winston Reid and, with Darren Randolph expecting a cross, he exposed him at the near post. Van Gaal sensed a smash-and-grab win. West Ham had other ideas.

GTA 5 Update: Rockstar tease more info for summer DLC, Black Ops 3 news – Xbox One report

gta-5-dlc-668371UPDATE ONE: Rockstar have revealed their new GTA 5 update plans for online multiplayer in 2016.Rockstar say they have some massive, feature-rich updates in the pipeline for GTA Online in the weeks and months ahead, giving a quick rundown in a recent post to fans.

Further adventures in finance and felony – the successor to Executives and Other Criminals is set to open freemode to contraband trafficking, allowing fans to run new street merchandise, direct from their HQ.

“You’ll be working with your team from a selection of big new properties that serve as both headquarters for your Organization and warehouses for your hot merchandise,” the Rockstar message reads.

“Manage inventory directly from your HQ, arranging to buy and sell anything from jewels to narcotics to medical supplies from a range of nefarious suppliers.

“Expect the unexpected as you head out with your team to make each pickup. Keep your stock in mint condition to maintain value and sell at a profit – and watch for raids on your warehouses between shipments!”

Another new option coming to the game includes Cunning stunts, this will introduce a new range of creative and fun games, something for fans of the Rockstar Creator Tool.

“Expect a slew of new stunt-ready vehicles and gear – and the inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations, and other gameplay possibilities that will surely defy imagination,” the Rockstar message adds.

8 Things Ladies Do That Make Guys Tag Them Hungry Ladies

In the society and social media at large, guys
are quick to condemn and bully ladies, calling
them all sort of names for their acts.
However, we should not always blame guys for
treating ladies with disdain but vice versa
supposed to be the case.
Briefly, I shall discuss things ladies do that
make guys tag them hungry babes.
1. They see it as guys duty to recharge and
subscribe on their lines
An average Nigerian lady is so lazy that her
brain is so centred to believe her financial
pressure should be mounted on guys. You see
them depending on guys for ridiculous things
such as data bundle, recharge cards and many
more. Guys tag ladies of this nature as hungry
2. They become moody If the guy has not credit
their bank account
I have seen situation where ladies become
extremely moody if a guy fails to keep his
promise of sending money to their account.
They resort into annoying and boring attitudes
doing chat by giving monosyllabic response.
3. They hate the Idea of doing dutch on dates
I shake my head most especially to hungry
Nigerian Ladies who believe all dates must be
sponsored by guys. They believe the idea of
doing dutch on dates must be scrap.
4. They deny him s*x if he fails to drop money
Some ladies have this notion that guys can
only have access to their kitty-cat if only he
drops money on such occasion. If that is their
notion, then why can’t they resort into
5. They see all rich guys as husband material
There’s nothing bad seeking financial security
when going on a date with a dude but some
ladies see every rich guys as husband material
even if their money was made from robbery,
yahoo yahoo and rituals. Ladies with this belief
are synonymous to hungry girls.
6. They request for gifts in every occasion
Hungry Ladies believe guys must offer them
gift on every occasion aside their birthday
which includes independence day, new month
wishes, festive reasons and even traditional
celebration like sango day. The most annoying
thing is during the guy’s birthday, they
purchase “tokunbo” boxers, singlets and
handkerchief as a gift for him.
7. They always look for car lifts
This attitude is common to hungry ladies who
always look for someone with car to pick them.
Sighting them is easy on the road side as they
put on heavy make up, dark specs and all that.
The moment any big jeep park few metres from
their position, you will see them chasing the
jeep like jaguar.
8. They eat like glutton on a date
Guys detest ladies who eat as if there is no
tomorrow when on a date as they are seen as
hungry girl. Some of them go as far as ordering
foods (take away) for their friends, family
members, siblings, and enemies.

RAPE MESS: 15-Year OldTeenager Arrested

On Tuesday, Bunu was arranged before an Ikeja
magistrates’ court, Ogba where Fatunya was earlier
However, after the charges were read Bunu,
pleaded not guilty.
According to the police prosecutor, Rachael Williams
the offence contravened sections 409 and 137 of
the criminal Administration of Justice, Laws of
Lagos state of Nigeria, 2011.
The presiding chief magistrate, Tajudeen A. Elias
has adjourned the case till 12 August 2015 for
mention while Bunu was ordered to be remanded at
Juvenile home, Adigbe, Abeokuta, Ogun state.
It can be recalled that recently a Nigerian, Olaoluwa
Ibrahim, was sentenced to eight and a half years in
prison for raping a woman in the UK.


Attention Android users, your phones can be
hacked by a single text.
Cybersecurity company Zimperium discovered a
hack in Android phones where the device can be
compromised just by receiving a simple text
message. The hack, known as Stagefright, stems
from the way Android phones process incoming
messages, where devices automatically process the
media attached to a text message like photos or
videos, according to CNN. That means a file
corrupted with malware can infect and compromise
your entire Android device before you even open a
The smartphone hack is estimated to be the largest
in history, affecting 950 million Android users, or
about 95 percent of Android phones in use today.
According to CNN, Zimperium had notified Google
about the bug on April 9. But after 109 days, the
bug still hasn’t been fixed, prompting the cyber
security company to go public with the news. While
Apple was able to fix a similar bug by issuing an
update to iPhone users, Google has many more
impediments in its way: phone carriers and
cellphone manufacturers would need to work
together in order to deliver software updates.
“This vulnerability was identified in a laboratory
setting on older Android devices, and as far as we
know, no one has been affected. As soon as we
were made aware of the vulnerability we took
immediate action and sent a fix to our partners to
protect users,” a Google spokesperson told ABC via

Honda fined $70m by US forfailure to report deaths

Japanese carmaker Honda has been fined a record
$70m (£46.4m) by US regulators for failing to
report deaths and injuries to authorities.

It is the largest civil penalty to date levied against a
carmaker by the US government.
In November, Honda admitted that it did not report
1,729 cases involving deaths or injuries between
July 2003 and June 2014.
The company said it would change its internal
Honda was fined two separate penalties of $35m
each, one for failing to report deaths and injuries
and another for failing to respond to customer
warranty claims. Each of them is the maximum
allowed by US law.
“Honda and all of the automakers have a safety
responsibility they must live up to – no excuses,”
said US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx in a
statement accompanying the fine announcement.

While it’s not strictly impossible that life in the
universe exists in an as-yet-unknown form (say,
silicon-based), we don’t really know how to look
for it. We do, however, know how to look for the
conditions that have given birth to the life forms we
know — that is, the conditions on our home planet,
This is the Kepler mission: to locate planets
enough like Earth to be considered habitable. There
are several key factors to this. First, the planets
must be in the “Goldilocks” zone — that is, not too
hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. This refers to
the planet’s orbit position around its star: a
distance where it’s not so close that it’s too hot for
liquid water, but not so far that it’s so cold all water
In addition, the planet needs to be rocky — like