This Android Tablet Is A Total Surface Ripoff

Another day, another Android tablet. This one’s
got an 11-inch screen, magnetically-attaching
keyboard, kickstand coming out the back…wait,
that seems familiar.
The Remix Ultra tablet is the brainchild of three
ex-Googlers, and at first impression, seems to
follow the timeless tech-product-ripoff formula
to perfection. The hardware is a cheaper
version of the Surface’s popular form-factor: 11-
inch tablet with a kickstand and magnetically-
attaching keyboard. And, just like those
knockoff iFones your auntie accidentally bought
for all her nieces, the Remix is running a
version of Android that looks an awful lot like
Windows, complete with a navigation bar
running along the bottom.
In all fairness to Jive, the company behind the
device, it doesn’t look like a terrible tablet: it’s
running Android 4.4 on a Nvidia Tegra
processor, which should promise decent
performance. Despite the custom ROM, Android
Central reports that it’ll ship with access to the
complete Google Play store. And, if the knockoff
hardware is as comfortable and flexible as the
real Surface, it could be a good all-round
machine for the $349 base price. Just make sure
you put some of those savings towards a


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