‘GTA: San Andreas’ on Xbox 360 looks a lot like theAndroid version

Let’s say that nostalgia got the better of you and
you downloaded the refreshed GTA: San Andreas
on Xbox 360 to replay a few missions ahead of
GTA:V ‘s new-gen re-release . You know, the tale
of the Grove Street Families that now supports
720p resolution and achievements. Well, the
tech-minded folks at Digital Foundry have done
some digging and found that the HD version
actually bears more than a passing resemblance
to the game’s recent Android offering, as
opposed to, say, a port of the original PC release.
What you get here has better draw distance than
the one on Google’s mobile OS, but, for the most
part, little else in the way of enhancements.
Instead, there’s apparently quite a bit of
stuttering in-game, there are visual effects
missing that even the PlayStation 2 release had
too, in addition to cutscenes where audio drops
out completely.
As DF notes, this is all quite sad, honestly,
considering that San Andreas was arguably the
best GTA of its era. If anything, this lends
credence to the notion of not throwing out your
old games and systems — the game industry
still hasn’t figured out how to preserve its history
in the way that film has.


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