Android stays ‘unbeatable’ insmartphone market — for now

Android continued to dominate the smartphone
market last quarter, far outpacing Apple’s iOS,
according to research released Friday by Strategy
For the third quarter, global shipments of Android-
based smartphones reached 268 million, up from
206 million for the same quarter a year ago. Those
numbers helped the OS win a market share of 84
percent, up from 81.4 percent in the year-ago
quarter. Strategy Analytics cited the power of
Android overall but did point to challenges for
individual Android device makers.
“Android’s leadership of the global smartphone
market looks unbeatable at the moment,” Neil
Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics,
said in a statement. “Its low-cost services and
user-friendly software remain attractive to
hardware makers, operators and consumers
worldwide. However, challenges are emerging for
Google. The Android platform is getting
overcrowded with hundreds of hardware brands,
Android smartphone prices are falling worldwide,
and few Android device vendors make profits.”


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