Amazon Fire TV vs Amazon Fire Stick— What’s the difference?

Amazon has decided that Google’s Chromecast
is in need of some proper competition, and so
the Fire Stick was announced to fill the void.
This is good news for everybody, but it raises
a few questions for those who either already
own an Amazon Fire TV or now have to
choose between a Fire TV and a Fire Stick for
their streaming media needs.
Based on the descriptions offered by Amazon,
you may find yourself wondering whether or
not the Fire Stick is just a Fire TV in a smaller
and less expensive package. While the $100
Fire TV seems to offer the same features as the
$40 stick, you get a lot more hardware. The
Fire Stick lacks things like optical out for home
theater setups, and doesn’t come with the $30
voice controller. Instead you get a less capable
controller and the ability to use voice through
an Android app that will be available at launch.
If you take a look at the specs for these two
devices, you can see that this is just the top of
the iceberg.

Amazon’s quad-core Fire TV is significantly
more capable than the Fire Stick, which means
it will be able to play the entire Amazon games
library. The Fire Stick will still be able to play
most of the simple mobile games that are
available through Amazon, but performance
will be noticeably different. Complex, high
demand games will still be played best on the
Fire TV. Amazon is focusing on portability and
convenience with the Fire Stick by promising
support in places like hotel rooms and college
dorms. These are places where Google’s
Chromecast, as well as nearly every other
streaming device, currently struggles.
Both the Amazon Fire Stick and the Fire TV are
impressive devices that work hard to give you
access to a ton of content, but deciding which
is for you will depend on how you stream
content and through what services. Amazon
delivered great things like instant playback for
Amazon and Super HD playback for Netflix on
the Fire TV, as well as a decent gaming
experience if you really like mobile games. If
you’re interested in the best possible video
streaming experience, the Fire TV is going to
be the way to go. If portability and price are
big focal points for you, especially during the
50% off promotion during the two days
following the Fire Stick announcement,
Amazon’s latest streaming rig is the way to go.


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