Facebook introduces’Rooms’ for anonymouschat

Facebook has returned to the old-age Internet with
its newly launched ‘Rooms’ application where
users can create virtual rooms and chat online
without revealing their true identity.
The app made its debut in the US and Britain for
iPhone after registering discomfort of users for
having to use their real identities on the leading
social networking website.
A blog post from Facebook’s Creative Labs said,
“One of the things our team loves most about the
Internet is its potential to let us be whoever we
want to be.”
In the early Internet days chat forums used to be
the popular options for social networking, now
Facebook has given it a reform with ‘Rooms’
application for smartphones.
“Forums, message boards and chatrooms were
meeting places for people who didn’t necessarily
share geographies or social connections, but had
something in common,” added the blog.
According to Facebook, the app has been inspired
by the ethos of early Web communities and the
capabilities of modern smartphones.
Rooms will also serve as a virtual platform to share
photos, videos and text to take part or start a
conversation on chosen topics. The admin of a
room can decide the participation in the rooms to
be invite-only or post a public link which can be
joined by anyone.
The launch of the Rooms comes a few weeks after
drag queen performers quit the social network,
allegedly marking their unease with Facebook’s
“real names” policy. The incident had caused
protests in the gay community.
Earlier this month, Facebook apologised for the
enforcement of its policy and vowed to ease the


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