Zuckerberg speaks Chinese,Beijing students cheer

China may ban Facebook, but not its co-founder
Mark Zuckerberg, and he entertained an audience
of students in Beijing with a 30-minute chat in his
recently learned Mandarin Chinese.
There was no explicit discussion of the ban or any
Facebook effort to enter the China market during
Wednesday’s question-and-answer session at the
prestigious Tsinghua University. But Facebook CEO
Mr. Zuckerberg noted during his talk that the social
media giant already helps some Chinese
companies in foreign markets. He cited computer
maker Lenovo’s ads on Facebook in India.
“We are already in China. We help Chinese
companies gain customers abroad,” Mr.
Zuckerberg said in Chinese. “We want to help the
rest of the world connect to China.”
Beijing promotes Internet use for business and
education but bans material deemed subversive or
obscene and blocks access to foreign websites
run by human rights and Tibet activists and some
news and social media sites.
Mr. Zuckerberg’s pronunciation was far from
fluent, but he was able to maintain intelligible
conversation for a half-hour and the students
responded with warm cheers for his effort and
laughter at his humour.


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