Sim City ventures into city building with Build It app

Who among us have
never enjoyed a SIMs
game (and maybe you
still are addicted to it!) or
an entertaining-at-the-
repetitive-eventually city
building game? A new
game from EA combines
the best of both worlds
as they soft launch SIM
City Build It, which is
what its name says it is.
You get to build a whole
city from the ground up,
but without the
complication of having
your (sometimes
annoying) sims around
and you do it from the
convenience of your
mobile device.
It looks like it and it feels
like it, but it is definitely
not a straight-up mobile
version of the sim city
game. At least, not yet. It
is simply a city building
game where you get to
place roads, buildings,
water works, the whole
urban planning shebang,
but without any
simulation or drama from
characters. You play it
just like you would any
other city building game
on Android, but with the
visual style of the most
recent Sim City PC game,
complete with a full out
360 degree 3D view of
the city, which you can
zoom in and out of (and
even spin!)
You will need to supply
your city with basic
necessities like water,
electricity, etc, because
you still need to keep
your residents happy
(even though you don’t
see much of them here).
You also need to solve
other city planning
problems like traffic
congestion, fires,
pollution, etc. Basically,
as the “mayor” of the city
(and the sole player of
the game), the buck
stops with you. But you
do get to interact with
“friends” and other cities
and you can trade your
resources with them.
The good news? Sim City
Build It is free to
download from the
Google Play Store . The
“meh” news”? There are
in-app purchases so you
need to be careful if
you’re concerned with
your credit card health.
The bad news? This
game is still in soft
launch and is only
available in Canada.


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