Google Earth for Android is now faster, better at 3Dexploration

Heads up, Android fans: Google Earth for your
phones is about to get a lot better. That’s what
the folks in Mountain View are promising,
anyway — they’ve released an update to the app
brings with it snappier performance and
improved labels for maps (you’ll never wonder
where Foster City and Redwood Shores begin
and end again). Perhaps the biggest change,
though — a completely rebuilt 3D rendering
engine — means those cityscapes and mountain
ranges you pore over should show up with more
crispness and clarity. Try not to lord that over
your friends using Apple Maps, will you? Throw
in a way to import your own custom .KML files
into the app from Google Drive and you’ve got all
the makings of a pretty momentous update.
Itching to take it for a spin? Mosey on over to the
Google Play Store to get your globetrotting fix.


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