If you ask a group of people whether they
belong to the Android or iOS camp, you’ll find
it’s a sure fire way to draw a line in the sand.
The type of phone and computer we choose to
use every day is a significant choice, and many
people swear allegiance to particular brands
and/or operating systems.
Whether it’s the user interface, aesthetics, or
compatibility with other products – there are
many different reasons to go for Android or iOS.
Comparing the two, it can be agreed there is no
greater group of brand loyalists than Apple fans.
They live and breathe offerings from the tech
giant, camping outside stores to get their hands
on the latest products. All of their tech Apple
products exist in perfect harmony, and they
subscribe to a very strong brand identity – one
that is clear cut, and cleverly marketed.
Given there have been no great changes to the
shape of the iPhone, the home screen layout,
and basic functionality, users can easily
navigate around their phone and they know
what to expect. It’s very easy to use; simply
clicking in and out of an app, and for this
reason the iPhone is more appealing to a less
‘tech savvy’ user group.
Another advantage Apple wields is that when it
comes to apps, they dominate. Most apps are
released on iOS first, however Android is
playing catch up, and Android users can access
most apps their fellow Apple users download.
Apple also takes the cake when it come to
access to music and video. ITunes is
unmatched when it comes sheer size and


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