Ebola crisis: UN envoy rejects criticism ofagency’s response

The UN’s special envoy for Ebola has defended
efforts to fight the virus in West Africa after leading
aid agency MSF said they had had no real impact.
David Nabarro told the BBC that plans were on
course to provide 4,000 beds for Ebola patients by
next month, compared with 300 at the end of
MSF coordinator Christopher Stokes says the virus
is still out of control.
A damning internal report from the UN’s own health
agency, the World Health Organization (WHO), has
also emerged.
The WHO report found that it had failed to respond
in time to a “perfect storm”, according to the
document reported by the Associated Press news
Sources close to the WHO also told Bloomberg
news agency of multiple failures in the outbreak’s
early stages.
In the worst affected countries – Liberia, Guinea
and Sierra Leone – the Ebola virus has now killed
4,546 people with cases of infection numbering
9,191, according to the latest WHO figures.


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