Alicia Keys Speaks Out ForMissing Schoolgirls

American R&B singer, Alicia Keys has showed her
support for the #BringBackOurGirls cause by
urging the world not to give up on the missing
Chibok girls .
The Grammy Award winner spoke during an
interview on CNN and expressed shock that the
over 200 girls were still in captivity 6 months after
their abduction.
She said:
“Six months and nobody is back and the girls are
just there because of the need of education and
they are abducted? So that is why we must say
that we are not allowing this to dissipate, no, we
are going to continue to say we are not standing
for this, it is not okay,”
“Putting the spotlight on these girls is very, very
important to me and I thought that it is my job to
help shine the light on what is going on and show
people: this is still happening and we must not
forget and it is going on for six months,”
Keys, who is pregnant with her second child,
recently started a movement called “We Are Here”
which aims to create a better world for the next


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